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 Website Hosting India: Welcome to the IT Concierge

And if you have landed on this page then you are surely looking for some direction to make your technology transition a whole lot easier. Offering you a vast smorgasbord of solutions, we help make your technology experience a pleasurable one. We would love to be your best friend who knows everyone and everything and is ever ready to lend a hand 24*7 as you go about planning your success strategy.

“In today’s fast paced business environment, the speed and quality of service delivery is what will differentiate winners from the losers.”

  • To some managing the IT process may appear to be an insurmountable challenge but that’s not what hardware is supposed to be, it is exactly what it should be incredibly return-oriented!
  • Our portfolio of services includes services that are geared to give our customers a higher ROI for their technical spends. With the right kind of technology backbone, companies can take the right kind of projects related to business process outsourcing, software development, maintenance and modification of code.
  • With the right kind of infrastructure you can build or fix any kind of desktop or web applications that might consume high bandwidth or resources. Improving software performance, attributes can be undertaken and delivered in short turnaround time.

Powering businesses for stellar performances

  • Our teams of dedicated and skilled professionals have ample experience in resource optimization that helps IT administrators take the right decisions keeping in mind the constraints of time and money.
  • We help you get your projections regarding input costs right. All our projections are based on solid research and we back our claims with detailed revenue and expense proforma projections.
  • Breakeven analysis followed by recommendations regarding architecture design, staffing and controllable expenses are also provided. Most contracts are signed for a typical 12 month period and the package fee is dispersed over the duration of the contract.
  • Over time we have learned that time and customers wait for no one and customers want instant gratification for their requirement of any product or service.

Be it organizational training or dealing with technology issues, we offer clients nothing but the best. And our support doesn’t end here; we help you explore all types of options when it comes to designing the IT architecture of your company.

Trust us…we help you get it right…each time…every time!

Our aim is to ensure that both the client and vendors gain value in any transaction and this can only be ensured when absolute transparency is maintained at every stage of the transaction.

We sincerely believe that software business is not just about deal negotiation and closure but also about how a vendor adds value to search, selection, development and post –transaction activities. In line with this philosophy, we have tailor-made our offerings to specific market segments that are enlisted below; with a specific focus on the US market.

  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated server hosting
  • Cloud hosting for individuals and businesses
  • Personal websites
  • Customized ecommerce store

What sets us apart from competition is the fact that we offer the following services 24*7*365

  • Maintaining business critical operations where uptime, speed and performance are critical
  • Cutting-edge web based solutions coupled with supplementary decision making tools for measuring the performance of the solutions we offer
  • A comprehensive range of technology options in both software and hardware unlike limited inventory as possessed by other market players
  • Round the clock customer service through online and offline channels.
  • Uninterrupted sales and technical support unlike other vendors who have specific business timings.

With such unassailable benefits, is all set to change the way people perceive the web hosting business.

Web hosting In India

No matter what you are looking for, be it a personal website or blog, our managed web hosting solutions will suit your requirements precisely.

VPS  Hosting India and cloud Hosting India

Powered by VM WARE technology solutions, we offer enterprise grade hardware infrastructure using Hyper-V virtualization, our customers are assured of high reliability and round the clock customer support thereby guaranteeing complete peace of mind.

Dedicated servers (Hosting) India

This our prime offering and we offer the capability to provide fully managed Canada dedicated servers for single website hosting for large scale web based operations including load balanced clustered failover solutions at interesting price points.

Shared web hosting India

One of our primary offerings includes: shared Linux hosting packages that includes a popular cPanel control panel that controls the content being displayed at the front end of the portal to all website visitors. In addition to this, users are offered all the tools for creation, maintenance and management of your website be it email accounts, FTP accounts, MySQL databases that are critical for B2C and B2B facing database driven websites.

Why choose us (Website Hosting India)?

  • Our expertise is unmatched and we make it easy for our customers to use the web as a business escalation tool. Traditional business owners having brick and mortar businesses can now convert to click and mortar seamlessly with our expertise.
  • Our team of world-class user interface designers and user experience professionals will ensure that you own a world-class product that you can showcase to your global audience.
  • Since we cater to a wide cross-section of market segments, it has helped us to imbibe the best practices in each field and apply them in other domains to yield delightful results. Innovative products and services are unleashed by our team at regular intervals to solve consumer pain points and emerge successful in the market.
  • Online resources like site builders, shopping carts, blogging tools and photo galleries are offered complimentary to users in order to help them experience utmost flexibility and varied choice.

Experience the service quality differential!!!

Reliability is the key word here.

  • Since we maintain websites and host them on high-configuration servers built on dell-chassis supported by superior connectivity; it ensures 99.9% up time, faster loading times and negligible service configurations.
  • Our team of technical support specialists are certified and some of them are advanced resolution specialists who can resolve queries through the live chat system or phone.

World class service at interesting price points

Pricing is the most crucial element of a web hosting service and we are proud to say that we have got the price-value equation right which is reflected in our business model. Transparent pricing is the key, no set up charges, no hidden costs. You pay for what you use and there is no minimum guarantees that you need to pay.

We have a quick response mechanism wherein the user gets through to the support executive within three rings and after your problem is resolved, you will receive a feedback survey where in you can rate the experience with the executive you spoke to. This helps in getting two-dimensional feedback which otherwise would have been one-dimensional.

Great care is taken during the recruitment process to ensure that only those executives pass through who have endured the test of time and market and can handle any kind of queries related to their domain.

Virtual private server in India

Experience the power of Linux VPS hosting that can be very fruitful for your business as there are no viruses and it is quite cost effective too. Since Linux administrators are few and charge high fees, its best to outsource Linux VPS hosting vendors that offer services at much lower costs. Plus you get the freedom of a dedicated server at much more economical terms that fit your budget precisely.

Excellent performance @ incredibly low costs!

  • By offering you with supreme performance, reliability and cost for Linux VPS hosting, you can save time, money and energy with a conventional dedicated server.
  • Powered by cloud hypervisor that can enhance and optimize your server’s software, Linux VPS offered by us can enhance and optimize your server’s software.
  • With the power of our Linux VPS, users can now host virtually any number of domains and set up custom applications according to their requirements. Just like you do when you have the freedom and easiness of a dedicated server.
  • With functionalities like hardware virtualization, you can easily handle your virtual server environment.

How a perfect virtual server can help boost your business!

By combining the power of cloud computing with Linux VPS hosting, we offer the ideal virtual server solution with the following ancillary benefits:

  • Implement the choice of operating system, software and applications as xlite offers several customization options.
  • No chance of any security breach as absolute privacy is assured between virtual servers because of the compartmentalization.
  • Our Linux VPS allows users take complete control of the server instead of the host and perform a large number of virtual machine related functions instead of relying on the host.
  • Linux VPS hosting works in a manner wherein users share the entire costs, leading to better affordability, high uptime and superior performance.
  • To get the perfect balance between speed, power and cost, opt for Linux VPS solution today!

Windows VPS 2012

  • Get Windows server 2012 hyper-V VM’S that are now available for just £19.19/month that includes hosting unlimited websites and smart bundle pro free.
  • Improving scalability, performance and enterprise grade functionalities including email, database, and unlimited application hosting facility.
  • Sign up today and see the difference!

Disaster management now made easy through virtual machines with DR using Hyper-V Replica

  • Among the new functionalities offered in HYPER-V Replica of windows Server 2012, are some new capabilities which are as follows:
  • Replication of all changes to a counterpart virtual machine hosted on a different server for disaster recovery purpose.
  • Should the primary VM experience a planned or unplanned outage, then there is a replica VM that is on stand by and brought online to ensure seamless connectivity. Both primary and replica VMs are Windows Server 2012 hyper-V hosts and can asynchronously replicate a primary VM to a designated replica site across LAN/WAN.
  • Asynchronous replication of virtual machines is done through a network link from one hyper-v host to a primary site to another hyper-V host at a replica site. Another advantage is that it can help restore the system.

Why go for our windows servers in India?

  • Powered by the HYPER-V platform, our hyper-V VPS performs exactly similar to an impartial physical dedicated server comprehensive with all the advantages of virtualization, making it the perfect option to replace a dedicated server.
  • Users get a licensed copy of windows server 2012 and these servers can be managed through remote diagnostic tools.
  • Since they have their own system registry, remote access can be offered to any vendor and all problems can be fixed in real time.
  • These servers offer feature-rich hosting plans, offering total control, flexibility and power to users.
  • Unique PLesk control panel that ensures flexibility to effortlessly host numbers of domains and resell hosting making it a lucrative option for resellers interesting in developing their web hosting business.

Reliable customer service

  • Backed by windows VPS hosting, we offer 24*7*365 support and the freedom to easily upgrade and down grade without any hassles and interruptions in service through downtime.
  • Get managed scalable, powerful enterprise grade VPS technology TO take your business to the next level of growth.
  • Opt for Smarter Bundle Professional edition with windows VPS plans, hyper-v cloud and windows dedicated servers.
  • Patrons who choose this Professional edition comes with Smarter Stats pro 7.x for 50 websites, Smarter Track pro 7.x for 2 agents and Smarter mail pro 9.0x for 250 mailboxes.

Talk to our executives today in order to gain an insight into dedicated servers and which solution will suit your needs precisely.

Dedicated servers in India: Designed for peak performance!

  • Accelerate the ease of doing business online by offering dedicated servers that can be used for simple website hosting, database hosting, email hosting, file hosting. Additionally, you can use these dedicated servers for hosting a large number of web applications that can help the business grow, manage and scale up as per market trends.
  • Customized web hosting services can be offered, if you have a dedicated server in your control. This can be done by customizing the design of your server to match the needs of small businesses.
  • Built with state-of-the-art technology, these dedicated servers can guarantee a good level of service and offer agility and performance that has been unsurpassed till date. Not only do users get good value for money, these servers can easily meet or exceed their expectations.
  • These world-class data dedicated servers are housed at tier 4 data centres which offer the most suitable environment in terms of temperature and humidity to enable servers to work at maximum efficiency. Since genuine hardware from top-notch companies like HP and DELL is deployed, to ensure that users get the best combination of performance and reliability at no extra costs
  • Such high-level of performance is what enterprises need to survive in the digital era.
  • Companies that offer managed dedicated servers have full access to the 24*7 support team to help you overcome all issues related to your web hosting service.
  • Highly skilled, trained technicians are deployed to face the customers in order to deliver a high quality of service delivery.
Features that you can expect from a world class dedicated server in India
  • Choice of operating system
  • Root administrator access
  • Control panels
  • Web application hosting
  • Database server hosting
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • High uptime assurance
  • Fully managed servers

Let us discuss each feature in detail to help you make the right technology decision:

Choice of operating systems:

Whether it is the ever popular windows server 2008 that you choose to patronize or a combination of different Linux distribution, we can offer both options. There is a license key that needs to be purchased for Windows server, so for that, you need to pay an additional premium but there are no such fees for Linux. And you can opt for Linux distribution with a dedicated web server if it can be downloaded from the net.

Root/ administrator access:

In order to leverage the power that a dedicated server can offer, it is important to have control of the root/ administrator access. This functionality is purely offered to buyers who choose to go for dedicated servers. Linux dedicated servers offer root access through SSH while Windows dedicated servers offer remote desktop access directly through the windows graphical user interface. Fixing problems remotely will depend on the kind of operating you use. So it is better to go as per the advice of your network administrator.

Control panel:

Yes, this is the most critical element of the web hosting business. Having a control panel that can accomplish many more tasks as part of your regular maintenance schedule, and offer many more functionalities that can simplify some of your processes is a huge asset. CPanel hosting provided by us for Linux based servers is quite popular as it offers an intuitive interface for both users and administrators to get accustomed to.

Users get Plesk that is available for windows server customers and has a lot of features similar to cpanel including web hosting plan, account management and added features of the windows platform including Microsoft SQL server and ASP.NET integration.

Web application hosting in India

This is getting increasingly important in today’s social media generation and the increasing penetration of smart devices. Web applications are ruling the market giving technology companies the edge. Having a dedicated server gives you the freedom to host pretty much any web application irrespective of the language used for writing the code of the application. The best part is that the dedicated servers we offer can bear high traffic loads irrespective of the number of users hosting the application.

Database server hosting in India

With the proliferation of web based technologies and huge demand for database driven websites in this age of big data and analytics, dedicated server hosting is the need of the hour. In real terms, database servers are secondary databases in terms of load balancing and having a secondary server for hosting the database can boost performance and uptime of your website drastically leading to delightful customers and more repeat business. We offer both MySQL server hosting for PHP based application while windows based hosting is offered for Microsoft SQL server databases.

High level of customization is offered in terms of:

  • Amount of ram on your server
  • Bandwidth/ transfer for your server
  • Hard drives and other redundant array of inexpensive disks

Dedicated IP addresses in India

Since the total number of IP addresses is finite, dedicated servers come with multiple IP addresses which can be very useful for hosting multiple websites. A dedicated IP address is a necessity, if you are looking to host websites wherein credit card transactions take place and a secure socket layer with 128 bit encryption and a private SSL certificate is required.

Web based security

Additional security can be offered in the form of a hardware firewall that is available for dedicated hosting servers as an add-on. By having a dedicated and secure web hosting environment, you can prevent hackers from gaining access to any data being stored on the dedicated server.

High uptime guarantee

By offering a 99.5% uptime SLA, with every dedicated server, we can assure you reliability, availability and accessibility at all times. The uptime guarantee covers your server along with network feeds. Plus the fully managed support guarantee will maximize your ROI.

Fully managed servers

Get fully managed servers with round the clock email, live chat and telephone support. Our support team works 24*7 and can be contacted through all electronic channels. You can raise a trouble ticket anytime and     immediate resolution is required.

Through our dedicated support team, we can ensure that your server utilization is the maximum without compromising on performance. Full support is offered for migrating to a dedicated server from another web hosting provider for that matter even a new web hosting plan. Through our robust support you can have your website up and running within minutes. And that’s a guarantee.

A bit about our growth story…

Incepted with a vision to offer the world–class web hosting services that set new benchmarks for customer satisfaction and high performance, our mission right from the start has been to offer the best services at interesting price points.

We do this by offering high quality 24*7 technical support, guaranteed server uptime supported by America’s highly skilled and knowledgeable advanced resolution experts. With a talented pool of Red Hat Linux and Microsoft Certified professionals, coding and design rock stars who excel at whatever assignments they are allotted.

Our core strength

High technology evangelists and highly competent network managers and technicians comprise our team and all the work is done in –house. We do not believe in outsourcing work to agencies and monitor operations via a three tiered framework. This helps us to offer custom-built features, lightning fast speeds, and guaranteed uptime for all the websites we host.

The lightning fast speeds we offer ensure smooth functioning of all websites and portals hosted on our servers. We have built a strong infrastructure that can offer world class service and support through live chat, free phone support.

Our operating and pricing philosophy

We believe in the two-way interaction between the brand and its audience. In line with this philosophy, we not only ensure superior technology, affordable pricing and an online community based forum where customers can exchange ideas, express their expectations, apprehensions regarding new technology and in short, keep our nose to the ground. Through this two-way mechanism, we emphasise honesty and service that are the hallmarks of our value system.

Our pricing policy is such that we aim to grow the business and keep prices down. Unlike other companies that want to extract the maximum from a limited set of customers. Our low cost business model has been derived by automating processes, quick problem resolution through strong domain expertise and solving more problems in a typical work day. This leads to higher turnover, happier customers and more savings in terms of time and money. No set up fees, hidden fees or administration charges are levied and customers pay for what they use.

Sign up today to get the best US web hosting services with a 30 day money back guarantee!