Moving Your Website to a New Host

The thought of transferring your website to another web hosting company in India is not exactly fun. It can be overwhelming and you may even lose sleep, worry, and dread the idea. However, the truth is, it is surprisingly painless and easy once you have understood the procedure properly.

  1. The very first step starts long before you even decide on migrating to another host: owning your own code. It is important that the main repository for your website code is on your local server, local machine, or any media that is under your direct control. Servers crash. It is the hard truth. There are times when you lose data. You can more easily control your destiny if you update your master copy locally.
  2. Step 2 involves finding a new web host. Once you have found someone reliable, get your account set up. Copy your entire website over from your current web server and paste it on the new server. In case you make use of a database, snapshot everything on the existing server and make sure you copy it over. Have all DB and file permissions configured properly, and everything should be working correctly. Test the website thoroughly by using a temporary URL. Make sure to check your code.
  3. Once you are absolutely sure that everything is working as intended, you can move on to the next step. One of the most common mistakes people make is to change their DNS servers and cancel old hosting accounts immediately. You must wait a few hours for the new DNS to propagate before turning off the old server. Another common mistake is assuming that the new hosting provider has set up your DNS correctly. It is extremely important to check.
  4. The final step is ensuring that all of your database connections and local mail point towards the new host.

Once you complete all these steps successfully, you can shut down your previous web hosting in India plan and enjoy your new one.