Understanding Web Hosting

Whether you’re a startup trying to start a website business or a programmer looking for a respectable hosting account, it’s important to learn how web hosting India works to make sure that your site is launched smoothly.

There are several website hosts on the internet, with every host offering different services for kinds of websites. Here are a few common features that you can see on most hosting companies and how to decode them.

Website space:

A website space is actually the location where your images and files reside. Your web programming pages and web pages are stored at this location. Different hosting companies offer different megabytes of space. In case your company makes use of websites that only use up a few pages then even 100mb may be too much as almost all normally designed web pages take up little space.

In case your website requires hundreds of text, videos, images, articles, then you should make sure that you choose a plan offering you somewhere in the range of 100mb of web space. A lot of times though web space may not be a big factor when looking for a web host. Most hosts provide a lot of web space for an average website.

Traffic / Bandwidth / Monthly Transfer: Bandwidth is the amount of information or data you can transfer from your website.

If you have a single page website which only takes 1mb of space and your monthly bandwidth is around 100mb then this means that if 100 people visit your site, the limit of your bandwidth will be maxed out. You will be left with no bandwidth until next month.

Once you begin to generate thousands of visitors each month and see your bandwidth stretch then you will have to pay additional fee for that extra bandwidth. Just like website space, bandwidth should also not be the only criteria when searching for a hosting company, as most hosts have the capacity to offer as much bandwidth as you need.

Website Programming Language:

In case you have features such as comments form, newsletters for your visitors or any other feature that is dynamic then you will need support for a programming language. There are numerous programming languages. To know which one you will need for your website, it is best to ask your site development team. Common programming languages include Net, PHP, and CFML.

If you still don’t know which web hosting company India to sign up with then it’s best to ask friends and family. They can suggest web hosts. You can also take help from the internet forums and review sites to find out which host will work best for you.