Web Hosting: The Factors to be considered

There are several important considerations that you must make when choosing a web hosting in India. In this article, we will throw light on some of such important factors:


One of the considerations we make is the price of the hosting service. There are several hosts out there that offer cheap hosting plans, but they could be lacking in quality. Do not let the cost fool you. There are a few hosting companies that offer great prices and their services are just as great. Make sure you draw a balance and do not choose a provider solely on the price.

Storage Space/ Disk Space

Disk space is basically the amount of storage space a host is willing to give you for your web files. Depending on how much you will require for file storage space, you can ask for a package. It is best to take as much disk space as you can.

Data Transfer/ Bandwidth

The bandwidth available is an important factor to consider when choosing a quality hosting package. Basically, more the bandwidth available, the better. This means your website can support more traffic as your business starts to grow. Beware of hosts that provide unmetered or unlimited bandwidth. While a lot of these are legitimate offers, there are a few that are overselling the bandwidth with the expectation that the average user will not use much.

Customer Support

It is very important that the hosting company provides exceptional customer service. A lot of web hosting providers are available throughout the day and night if you have an issue with your web site, but there are also certain providers who are available during specific hours. In case your website goes down during odd hours it will mean lost revenue. It is important to make sure the web host you choose is always available.

Money Back Guarantee

All good web hosts offer a money back guarantee. Do not buy web hosting services from someone who is not willing to offer any guarantee, unless they have proved themselves to be leaders in the industry and have a good reputation.

Operating System

Operating system is basically a piece of software which controls the interaction between the physical hardware and computer user. A huge majority of the web sites on the Internet operate on Linux OS. Linux is normally a lot more balanced than Windows. Stability is important in running a site. However, some websites have certain requirements that only the operating system from Windows can satisfy.

A good web hosting in India will spoil you with features, services and choices. However, make sure you stay alert and choose a web host wisely.